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How do I register my child? 
Follow the appropriate links for the season you want to register. 
Teams in Divisions U9to U19 are formed based upon team balance, i.e. players of different skill levels and experience are divided among teams in an attempt to ensure that all teams have equal chances to win. In order to maintain team balance, we are unable to accommodate requests for placement on teams, or placement with friends in these divisions. Due to the need to create balanced teams, siblings in U9 and higher may not be able to be placed on the same team. Head coaches may not request their assistant coach.

Teams in Divisions U5 through U8 are formed automatically by the computer. Teams are not formed by neighborhood or school. Players may or may not be on teams with children that they already know. This is an opportunity for players to form new friendships and learn new skills. Head coaches may request one assistant coach (and their child).

You will hear from your coach sometime during the last two weeks of August for the fall or February for the spring. Please contact the Division Manager of your child’s division if you have not heard from a coach by the end of the third week of August. Do not call prior to the end of the third week of August. Please keep us updated if your address and phone number change. If you have moved or changed your phone number, please logon to Sports Connect to update the information.

Coaches may drop players from their teams if the player cannot be reached before the first game of the season. If phone calls from the coach are not returned and a refund request is not submitted in time, the registration fee will be non-refundable. Attempts will be made to call all phone numbers listed on the registration form. The coach must notify his Division Manager of the drop. A refund will only be issued if a written request is made by the parents to the Treasurer (See Refund Policy). If a wait list exists for that division, a new player will then be added to that team. Do not assume that you can drop, then change your mind and keep the same spot. That spot may have already been filled. If you wish to change your mind, please contact the Division Manager immediately rather than the coach.

Players are grouped by birth date and whether a boy or girl into divisions. Each of these divisions are managed by a Division Manager. Please review the Board Directory Page to see the appropriate Division Manager assigned to your child's division. If you need to contact someone regarding your child's team, contact the Division Manager.

For more information on divisions, please see the next question below.

Divisions are determined based on your child's birthdate.  See "What division is my child?" under the Parents-Players page.

The Region will provide a uniform, consisting of a jersey, shorts, and socks. The uniform will be marked in accordance with AYSO guidelines. No uniform may bear the name of any registered player or sponsors. Every player must wear appropriate athletic footwear. Regulation soccer shoes, gym shoes, or sneakers (with or without rubber cleats) are permissible in all AYSO competition. Soccer shoes with removable cleats will be allowed, only if the cleat is screwed into the sole of the shoe. No metal cleats or toe cleats are allowed.  Shin guards are REQUIRED in all AYSO competitions and practices at all levels.

Each player is asked to bring their own ball to practice. The size of the ball required is based on the division the player is in. For information regarding ball size, field size, goal size, etc, please see 

Teams practice at various fields throughout the Rancho Santa Margarita, Trabuco Highlands, Coto de Caza, Las Flores, and Wagon Wheel areas. Practice fields may be located at parks or school fields. When you hear from your coach in August, the coach will let you know the time and field location of your practice and games.

The lower divisions (U5 - U8) will practice only 1 day a week, not more than 1 hour and are usually assigned the earlier practice times. The upper divisions (U9 - U19) will practice 2 days a week, not more than 1 hour each day and are usually assigned the later practice times.

Do not contact anyone about practice times or location before you have heard from your coach. This information is not known until after the teams are formed. Players are assigned to a team, that team is matched up with a coach and the coach selects the practice time and location. Requests to change teams due to conflicts with practice time will not be honored.

Games for all divisions U5 - U14 will be scheduled on Saturdays. It is possible that makeup games or playoff games for divisions U10-U14 may be played on Sundays. Games for all divisions U16 - U19 will be scheduled on both Saturdays and Sundays.

Switching teams if the practice time is inconvenient is not permitted. Please understand that with over 3,500 players in the region, schedule accommodations cannot be made. We ask parents to work their schedule around their player's schedule as best as possible. Younger players usually practice earlier and older players usually practice later.

Keep in mind that once you have met your team, you may be able to arrange carpools.

If you find that you cannot accommodate your player's practice schedule, and you feel your only option is to drop from the team, then you may do so. However, please keep in mind that our refund policy is clearly defined and you should make your request for refund as soon as possible.

As soon as you know you will be dropping, please submit the refund request. The sooner we know from you, the sooner we can place other players in those open spots. There is a rush of refund requests that come in at the last minute. Please make your request as soon as possible so we can continue with our team assignments process.
All refund requests must be made in writing and emailed to:  [email protected]

Requests MUST be dated no later than the deadline indicated during registration.  Notices made to the coach or any other person will not be recognized.  Faxes will not be accepted.  Refund checks will be issued after September 30th for the fall season and after April 30th for the spring season.
(Dates subject to change.)
LOWER DIVISIONS: U5 - U8 games will be every Saturday.

UPPER DIVISIONS: U9 through U14 games that are played within the region, will be held every Saturday, if games are played within the Area circuit, games could be played on Saturdays or Sundays, with playoffs in November or December. There is a possibility of playoffs being played on Sundays to finish in time for Area playoffs. U16 and U19 teams will play on both Saturday and Sunday, and will finish before Thanksgiving to comply with CIF rules.

Any team that wins the Region championship in their division may continue playing to represent the Region in Area play by invitation only.

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